Leadership Team

Mrs Deborah Bestulic
Mrs Deborah BestulicPrincipal
The principal is responsible for modelling the Catholic faith in action and for leading the school community to live out its vision and mission focused on quality faith, educational and wellbeing experiences for all students. The principal is responsible for the effective leadership, management and strategic direction of the school.
Mrs Annemieke Kallay
Mrs Annemieke KallayAssistant Principal
The assistant principal supports the principal in promoting and nurturing the Catholic identity and mission of the school and in ensuring excellence in educational outcomes for all students.
Mrs Mellissa Brennan
Mrs Mellissa Brennan Religious Education Coordinator
The Religious Education Coordinator (REC) supports the principal in the faith formation and development of the students and staff of the school. She also works collaboratively with the principal, parish priest and parish community to develop a vibrant prayer, liturgical and sacramental life within the school.

Teaching and Support Staff

 Miss Julia Towels
Miss Julia TowelsKindergarten Classroom Teacher
 Mrs Mellissa Brennan
Mrs Mellissa BrennanYear 1 Classroom Teacher
 Mrs Emma Cheng
Mrs Emma Cheng Year 2 Classroom Teacher
 Mrs Caroline Rozario
Mrs Caroline RozarioYear 3 Classroom Teacher
Miss Constance Maree
Miss Constance Maree Year 4 Classroom Teacher
Miss Catherine Sindone
Miss Catherine Sindone Year 5 Classroom Teacher
 Mrs Joanne Corcoran
Mrs Joanne Corcoran Year 6 Classroom Teacher
Mrs Leisel Knesvic
Mrs Leisel Knesvic Arrowsmith Teacher
Mrs Lorraine Rumming
Mrs Lorraine Rumming Arrowsmith Teacher
 Mrs Margaret Benbow
Mrs Margaret Benbow Arrowsmith Support Teacher
 Mrs Camille Padd
Mrs Camille Padd Creative Arts Teacher and Reading Recovery Teacher
 Mrs Vanessa D’onofrio
Mrs Vanessa D’onofrio Executive Release Teacher
Mrs Cathy Colombo
Mrs Cathy Colombo PE Teacher
Mrs Lorraine Rumming
Mrs Lorraine Rumming EALD Teacher
Mrs Annemieke Kallay
Mrs Annemieke KallayLearning and Support Teacher
Mrs Bianca Pallazollo
Mrs Bianca PallazolloLearning and Support Teacher
 Mrs Daniela Elhindi
Mrs Daniela ElhindiFinance and Administrative Support Officer
Mrs Tamara Mouwad
Mrs Tamara MouwadAdministrative Support and Enrolments Officer